Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Introduction to this blog.....

The Aetherius Society is a mystical cult and latterly a religious group founded in the 1950's by George King in London. It then moved with him to a new base domiciled in Los Angeles around 1960 and a church was eventually established.....

I was doing time
In the universal mind,
I was feeling fine.
I was turning keys,
I was setting people free,
I was doing alright.....

Then you came along,
With a suitcase and a song,
Turned my head around.
Now I'm so alone,
Just looking for a home
In every face I see.

I'm the freedom man...
That's how lucky I am.

(Jim Morrison - The Doors)

After his death in 1997, and most probably  even before, the effective leadership was controlled  by various Directors of the Society who chose to run things to suit themselves.  A "gang of four" was headed by the founder's wife in California who vied for control with the London clique.

The original concepts of TRUTH and SERVICE were usurped to support their own power base through domination and control and the Society's Directors both in London and in Los Angeles have subsequently pretended to have some of the powers of the Master.

This is a blog for those who have left the Aetherius Society through dissatisfaction or disappointment - or have been asked to leave through no fault of their own! Some of the faithful have even been marginalized to mere "friends" of the Society after years of unselfish service.

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Anonymous said...

Right great to check out yoru sight
well first of all im 15 and came across the society like 7 months ago read all nien freedoms 12 blessings tried the prayers heard jesus etc and well i think that is true and that George kign was a great aqaurian master but i think the society is hiding something or sumats not right
urmmm ive read ure blog and it well makes sense
can u email me ure view on dr george king himself and the authenticity of him not that of the peopel in the society???
u must have met him
Did he really feel liek a great aqarian master??????
Email m !!!!!
soz for spello errors

Mars.Sector.Australis said...

Hello Anonymous,

Just read the blog again and you will see that I have nothing much to complain about George King himself or his authenticity as an advanced spiritual person.

If you are a real person and not just a spambot script, you can find my email address in the appropriate section of this blog.

But, yes, actually having met George King made quite a difference although the Truth in his teachings is something evident in itself.

Pity that living for years/decades with their Master made little or no difference to some of the Aetherius Society members, though.....