Wednesday, May 28, 2008

The Man and the boys.....

The difference between ENLIGHTENMENT in the Master and the ego nature as manifest in some of the  Aetherius Society "Temple Degree Initiates" and Directors........ more obvious still in some other pictures - and certainly woefully apparent in their lame lectures and irrelevant writings, uhh!

Who would want to follow these latter-day pigs yet they so pretentiously style themselves as worthy to take over the mantle of leadership of a spiritual organization founded by an Enlightened Master thus usurping the Society for their own purposes and a lesser agenda as regards the Master's mission!?!?

Richard Lawrence - usurper

John Holder - pretender

One of the worst things that ever happened to the new HQ of the Aetherius Society in Los Angeles in the 1960's - 70's was that the useless crew from the London HQ of the organization migrated on some kind of permanent holiday in the sun. Actually, that was more like what the English once called "a bugs' flitting" and it had a harmful effect in many ways upon the white racist Orange County folk they happily found themselves with (those nice white policemen protecting us from those awful black folks, uhh).

To this day, the Aetherius Society in the USA has failed to attract any substantial ethnic representation in its membership from the African-American community or the more recently enlarged Latino and Asian communities. It is also questionable as to whether its Anglo or European membership would not have increased more significantly without the English continually turning up to run things their way.

Even more shameful though, and again to suit their whims, they colorized their Master's hair and eyes in his picture on the front of their website so that he appeared as some kind of pathetic out-of-date blond and blue-eyed California surfer. He always had black hair and brown eyes which is now, of course, a look more popular  than ever with the Asian and Latino communities to whom California really always belonged.

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