Monday, June 9, 2008

Karma catches all.....

The Path to Enlightenment actually runs from 'here' to about 'here'...

The past slowly catches up with those too slow to move. This is a time of reviewing the problems and errors of the previous decade and making adjustment as extensively as one can. Failure to do so will result in chaos, dissolution and a quick exit from one's existence. That goes for cults and spiritual groups as well and the Aetherius Society is no exception.

Merely surviving as an item on a tour itinerary is not a reason to continue any longer. A pathetic existence as something from the past for tourists to gawk at is not realizing one's potential and neither is looking at buildings any kind of path to cosmic consciousness.....

Visionary Hollywood is a new Esotouric bus adventure hosted by San Francisco-based writer Erik Davis..... On this journey of exploration through the mystic realms of Los Angeles, you’ll join Erik on a guided tour of five extraordinary religious sites, meet followers of their respective faiths and explore the fascinating history of alternative religious practice in Southern California..... The Aetherius Society, a center for cosmic consciousness and healing founded in 1955 by UFO contactee Dr. George King...

No wonder then that the Aetherius Society removed MP3 sound bites from its website. They have reserved them for the tourists to hear "...actual recordings of an extraterrestrial voice conveying significant messages...", duh! Spirituality turned to money-making!

This year's astrological Pluto retrograde cycle should be telling when it comes to missed opportunities to move forwards on the spiritual path. For individuals, it will be hard enough but for organizations charged with teaching the spiritual path, it will be more severe.....

What is happening is that the Universe is moving us from a place of idealism (Sagittarius) to a place of practicality (Capricorn.) Sagittarius is hopeful and optimistic about the future whereas Capricorn sees things as they are. A giant Cosmic reality check is about to begin in all our lives. The Universe is urging us to look at what really is going on not what we would like to be happening..... The most important thing to remember for all of us in 2008 is to work hard (Capricorn) to create a future..... The next few years are critical years for humanity that will define forever our future on Earth. It will be the end of an old era and the beginning of an era of peace for those who are ready. Each of us has the responsibility to make it a wonderful future, each of us has enough power if we will allow it to shine.....

Saturday, June 7, 2008

Lessons to be Learned..... "Nothing Sweet About Me"!

Can't imagine why an organization that supposedly represents Truth and exists to propagate their Master's teachings would want to suppress a short passage quoted from one of his books on a news/politics blog comment but that is exactly what happened last year.

A comment on the website, also based in California, was deleted within hours apparently solely for that reason. The passage quoted was from the Nine Freedoms by George King from the chapter about Bravery and very appropriate in this age of illusory terror and Machiavellian state-sponsored hypocrisy.

It would sadly seem that ownership of copyright (and the Aetherius Press publishers) is now more important to the Society than their task of the dissemination of their Master's works. Profit and self-righteous exclusivity at work again despite the urgency for Truth in this age!

Then again, I wonder why the blog publishers were bending over backwards about a passage from a book that was already 46 years old? Hardly relevant to copyright restrictions and the editor who is also a professor of journalism at a university in California should have known better.....

Yet the Aetherius Society has had a problem for some time with its 'elephant in the living room' in regard to its teachings. Its founder had his own spiritual work and setting up a church was secondary. He was also far more advanced in his own mysticism than most of his pupils in the Society could ever contemplate catching up with.

The Society was intended to be for advanced metaphysical students who had already studied and searched for Truth and had acquired both a theoretical and practical grounding for themselves in Buddha's teachings, Hinduism, Daoism, etc etc, over a number of years. It was meant to be a vehicle for Service for those already on the Path, not a training ground for novices and certainly not merely an introduction to Eastern religion through puerile concepts of an Aquarian Age.

The problem was that it attracted attention from every kind of flying saucer enthusiast and New Age drifter in the 1950's - 60's. They didn't last long but their presence did enough damage early on to cause other more serious seekers to perhaps avoid what was a valuable path. Sadly, the Society still has that problem with its present bone-headed temple degree initiates and egotistical directors behaving merely as useless hangers' on.

Thus the Society has not yet been established well as a church as the mainly Anglo-Saxon congregation had little cultural perception of what real religion is really all about except in abstract. In Britain, the South Asian members were long kept in a kind of Cinderella existence and the migration of parasitic sun-seeking white Anglo members to California also adversely affected the development in America.

Likewise for Australia which has been its own white Anglo racist hell-hole in the South Pacific for long enough. As for Christianity, although some of their Master's channellings were attributed to the Master Jesus and he was brought up in a Christian family, that never made the Society Christian in any orthodox sense. Worse with the Western concept once the Sun-worshipping Pagans were overwhelmed by the contemporary materialistic Christians. Only the Eastern Orthodox churches have any understanding of Christianity as a religion which flows from Asia and Africa and Lebanon and Palestine in particular.

As it is, the Society and their Master's teachings languish sadly unappreciated and little understood awaiting some time in the future when different ethnicities will be able to more freely embrace and realize the full value of what has been left for those who come after. As the founder diligently studied and practiced Yoga and Buddhism for many years to gain his powers, a significant Asian following is the natural consequence in the future even if the church eventually has to be re-founded elsewhere on the other side of the Pacific.

The fact that George King was English is of little significance and never really was. An African-American membership has been stunted deliberately by racism in the Society in America although an African branch of the church exists in Nigeria. They have their own problems in Africa, though, in contending with the pervasive social influences of tribal princes, the military and Christian-Islamic conflicts.

The current Anglo-Christian membership base actually does little for the Society's teachings and it will not be until they have passed away that the real potential of the Aetherius Society as a service and healing organization will ever be realized. They do not have the depth of understanding necessary and many have already obstructed the Society's development as relatively useless kinds of dogs in the manger for long enough!

Thursday, June 5, 2008

When the Guru holds us spellbound, how can we ever truly be free?

Were George King's disciples tormented slaves of his "mastery"? Even he had to promise that "You will not be put out of the Society" for simply being unable to pay annual membership fees because of the fears that existed, whether he was responsible for the creation of those fears or not. In other words, a dividing layer had been established at some stage by the Society's Directors and 'inner circle' who were somehow dominating or intimidating the ordinary membership.

A further layer was eventually introduced to construct a kind of platform to support the power clique that was thus formed by enforcing an annual report on each member's individual performance and subsequently downgrading membership to merely a "friend" of the Society if all observances and obligations weren't dutifully met. Then the exclusive "Temple Degree" initiation was introduced for the most sycophantic followers after a minimum period of membership.

The effective result was to marginalize and disempower the majority of the Society's long-term members who had given years of unselfish service and had sought no reward. They were slowly replaced with a more self-seeking kind of disciple who coveted paper qualifications and position above spiritual development or service to mankind. The more inept but wily managed to climb aboard their band wagon.....

What punishment is the most dreadful of all? I believe it is the withdrawal of love and human connectedness. Such withdrawal is an immensely powerful weapon in the hands of those who are in a position to dominate and control others. When this withdrawal has been traumatic early in life, as it was for..... (they) who stood by helplessly as they saw their families torn apart by divorce, the search for love that will never be withdrawn, for perfect, miraculous love, becomes desperate......

In a religious cult, the leader is perceived as a deity who is always divinely right, and the devotee, always on the verge of being sinfully wrong, comes to live for the sole purpose of pleasing and avoiding displeasing the guru/god. The leader's displeasure comes to mean for the member that he is unworthy, monstrously defective, and, therefore, dispensable. The member has been conditioned to believe that loss of the leader's "grace" is equivalent to loss of any value, goodness, or rightness of the self. As the member becomes more deeply involved, his anxiety about remaining a member in good standing increases......

...I am defining a cult largely on the basis of the personality of its leader. In my definition, a cult is a group that is led by a person who claims, explicitly or implicitly, to have reached human perfection; or, in the case of a religious cult, who claims unity with the divine..... speakers and members present various kinds of misinformation about cult leaders.....

Not to say that there is anything wrong with aspiring to high ideals, or taking inspiration from those whom we idealize. I believe, with Kohut..... in the necessity, throughout the lifespan, for sufficiently idealizable significant others who provide self-object functions for the initial development, and later maintenance, of a cohesive sense of self. There is, however, an important distinction to be made between idealization and idolatry. Idealization that goes well enough functions to build a strong sense of self, and leads to the capacity for effective self-regulation and satisfying interrelatedness and mutuality. Idolatry, the ultimate form of defensive idealization, always implies submission and enslavement to one who dominates, controls, and possesses.

Let me clarify my use of the words "enlightenment" and "perfect." To be enlightened can simply mean to become wise, but it also means, especially in mystical traditions, east and west, that one has attained ultimate wisdom, the state of permanent oneness with God. The state of enlightenment in this sense refers to spiritual perfection. As for the word perfect..... I mean it to suggest absolute, total, immaculate perfection, that which would be ascribed to a Platonic ideal, or to the divine. Normally, we don't expect ourselves, human beings that we are, to attain this kind of ultimate perfection, but rather to be awed and inspired by it, and perhaps humbled. If, however, we are determined to ignore our human limitations, demanding absolute perfection of ourselves, we enter the realm of pathological perfectionism.

Idolatry and pathological perfectionism can be readily observed in some spiritual paths led by self-proclaimed "fully enlightened," or "perfected" masters, who are worshiped within their communities as perfect, living embodiments of God. This premise, that the master and God are one, sets a standard within the group for spiritual perfection which only the master has achieved. Any and all efforts of the followers must be judged by the standard the master sets.....

The problem of pathological perfectionism has its roots in parental failures in managing healthy omnipotence in the developing child. Traumatic misattunement, unresponsiveness and impingement by parents leads to the development of pathological forms of omnipotence, and the child must then seek an antidote to unbearable impotence. This may be externalized, as in cases of spiritual submission to others who are perceived as perfect, or as in the search for the perfect lover, who turns out never to be perfect enough; or internalized, where an internal masochistic slave strives desperately to fulfill insatiable demands for perfection from an internal sadistic master.....

Daniel Shaw, L.C.S.W. - from The Dark Side of Enlightenment: Sadomasochistic Aspects of the Quest for Perfection and Traumatic Abuse in Cults: A Psychoanalytic Perspective

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

My stroke of insight!

Pity that some of the Society's "initiates" couldn't realize something one way or another too, uhh! But then again, it is also a rare quality amongst Harvard graduates!?!? Why they should listen to her.....

Why you should listen to her: One morning, a blood vessel in Jill Bolte Taylor's brain exploded. As a brain scientist, she realized she had a ringside seat to her own stroke. She watched as her brain functions shut down one by one: motion, speech, memory, self-awareness..... but there was something else - she became aware of the Reality of the Oneness of all Life! (blog Ed.)

Amazed to find herself alive, Taylor spent eight years recovering her ability to think, walk and talk. She has become a spokesperson for stroke recovery and for the possibility of coming back from brain injury stronger than before. In her case, although the stroke damaged the left side of her brain, her recovery unleashed a torrent of creative energy from her right. From her home base in Indiana, she now travels the country on behalf of the Harvard Brain Bank as the "Singin' Scientist."

"How many brain scientists have been able to study the brain from the inside out? I've gotten as much out of this experience of losing my left mind as I have in my entire academic career." Jill Bolte Taylor

The 18 faults of a monastery - Visuddhimagga

In Buddha's day, when he announced he was about to pass away, some of his Monks described the place where it was to happen as "this mean place, this uncivilised township in the midst of the jungle, a mere outpost of the province!" They thought the Buddha should go to a large rich city to pass away so there would be expensive arrangements made for the funeral. The Buddha rebuked them:

'In times long past, Ananda, there was a king by the name of Maha Sudassana, who was a universal monarch, king of righteousness, a conqueror of the four quarters of the earth, whose realm was established in security, and who was endowed with the Seven Jewels. And that King Maha Sudassana, Ananda, had his royal residents here at Kusinara, which was then called Kusavati, and it extended twelve yojanas from east to west, and from north to south, seven.

'And mighty, Ananda, was Kusavati, the capital; prosperous and well populated, much frequented by people, and abundantly provided by food. Just, Ananda, as the Royal residents of the Deities, Alakamanda, is mighty, prosperous and well populated, much frequented by Deities and abundantly provided by food, so was the Royal capital of Kusavati.

'Kusavati, Ananda, resounded unceasingly day and night, with the ten sounds - the trumpeting of elephants, neighing of horses, rattling of chariots, beating of drums, and tabours, music and song, cheers, clapping of hands and cries of "Eat, drink and be merry!"'

The Buddha explained that persons should avoid a monastery unfavourable to the development of concentration and laid a map of the 18 faults of a monastery.....

The 18 faults of a monastery are:

"Herein, one that is unfavourable has any one of eighteen faults. These are largeness, newness, dilapidatedness, a nearby road, a pond, (edible leaves), flowers, fruits, famousness, a nearby city, nearby timber trees, nearby arable fields, presence of incompatible persons, a nearby port of entry, nearness to the border countries, nearness to the frontier of a kingdom, unsuitability, lack of good friends. One with any of these faults is not favourable. He should not live there. Why?

1. Firstly people with varying aims collect in a large monastery. They conflict with each other and so neglect the duties. The Enlightenment-tree terrace, etc., remain unswept, the water for drinking and washing is not set out. So if he thinks 'I shall go to the alms-resort village for alms' and takes his bowl and robe and sets out, perhaps he sees that the duties have not been done or that a drinking-water pot is empty, and so the duty has to be done by him unexpectedly. Drinking water must be maintained. By not doing it he would commit a wrongdoing in the breach of a duty. But if he does it, he loses time. He arrives too late at the village and gets nothing because the almsgiving is finished. Also when he goes into retreat, he is distracted by the loud noises of novices and young bhikkhus, and by acts of the Community (being carried out). However, he can live in a large monastery where all the duties are done and where there are none of the other disturbances.

2. In a new monastery there is much new building activity. People criticize someone who takes no part in it. But he can live in such a monastery where the bhikkhus say 'Let the venerable one do the ascetic's duties as much as he likes. We shall see to the building work'.

3. In a dilapidated monastery there is much that needs repair. People criticize someone who does not see about the repairing of at least his own lodging. When he sees to the repairs, his meditation subject suffers.

4. In a monastery with a nearby road, by a main street, visitors keep arriving night and day. He has to give up his own lodging to those who come late, and he has to go and live at the root of a tree or on top of a rock. And next day it is the same. So there is no opportunity (to practice) his meditation subject. But he can live in one where there is no such disturbance by visitors.

5. A pond is a rock pool . Numbers of people come there for drinking water. Pupils of city-dwelling elders supported by the royal family come to do dyeing work. When they ask for vessels, wood, tubs, etc., (120) they must be shown where these things are. So he is kept all the time on the alert.

6. If he goes with his meditation subject to sit by day where there are many sorts of edible leaves, then women vegetable-gatherers, singing as they pick leaves nearby, endanger his meditation subject by disturbing it with sounds of the opposite sex.

7. An where there are many sorts of flowering shrubs in bloom there is the same danger too.

8. Where there are many sorts of fruits such as mangoes, rose-apples and jack-fruits people who want fruits come and ask for them, and they get angry if he does not give them any, or they take them by force. When walking in the monastery in the evening he sees them and asks "Why do you do so, lay followers?", they abuse him as they please and even try to evict him.

9. When he lives in a monastery that is famous and renowned in the world, like Dakkhimagire, (1) Hatthikucchi, Cetiyagiri or Cittalapabbata, there are always people coming who want to pay homage to him, supposing that he is an Arahant, which inconveniences him. But if it suits him, he can live there at night and go elsewhere by day.

10. In one with a nearby city objects of the opposite sex come into focus. Women water-pot carriers go by bumping into him with their jars and giving no room to pass. Also important people spread out carpets in the middle of the monastery and sit down.

11. One with nearby timber trees where there are timber trees and osiers useful for making framework is inconvenient because of the wood-gatherers there, like the gatherers of branches and fruits already mentioned. If there are trees in a monastery, people come and cut them down to build houses with. When he has come out of his meditation room in the evening and is walking up and down in the monastery, if he sees them and asks "Why do you do so, lay followers?", they abuse him as they please and even try to evict him.

12. People make use of one with nearby arable fields, quite surrounded by fields. They make a threshing floor in the middle of the monastery itself. They thresh corn there, dry it in the forecourts, (2) and cause great inconvenience. And where there is extensive property belonging to the Community, the monastery attendants impound cattle belonging to families and deny the water supply (to their crops). (121)

Then people bring an ear of paddy and show it to the Community saying "Look at your monastery attendants work". For one reason or another he has to go to the portals of the king or the king's ministers. This (matter of property belonging to the Community) is included by (a monastery that is) near arable fields.

13. Presence of incompatible persons: where there are bhikkhus living who are incompatible and mutually hostile, when they clash and it is protested "Venerable sirs, do not do so" they exclaim "We no longer count now that this refuse-rag wearer has come".

14. One with a nearby water port of entry or land port of entry (3) is made inconvenient by people constantly arriving respectively by ship or by caravan and crowding round, asking for space or drinking water or salt.

15. In the case of one near the border countries, people have no trust in the Buddha, etc., there.

16. In one near the frontier of a kingdom there is fear of kings. For perhaps one king attacks that place, thinking "It does not submit to my rule", and the other does likewise,thinking "It does not submit to my rule". A bhikkhu lives there when it is conquered by one king and when it is conquered by the other. Then they suspect him of spying, and they bring about his undoing.

17. Unsuitability is that due to the risk of encountering visible data, etc., of the opposite sex as objects or to haunting by non-human beings. Here is a story. An elder lived in a forest, it seems. Then an ogress stood in the door of his leaf hut and sang. The elder came out and stood in the door. She went to the end of the walk and sang. The elder went to the end of the walk. She stood in a chasm a hundred fathoms deep and sang. The elder recoiled. Then she suddenly grabbed him saying "Venerable sir, it is not just one or two of the likes of you I have eaten".

18. Lack of good friends: where it is not possible to find a good friend as a teacher or the equivalent of a teacher or a preceptor or the equivalent of a preceptor, the lack of good friends there is a serious fault.

Early Buddhist Monastic Tradition and Today

The Path of Purity


Heroes of the Three Kingdoms - but sad about the book, though, uhh!

The Later Han Dynasty (AD 23-220) had long been in decline due to the influence of eunuchs in court affairs, even running the government, and corruption which spread as a result of meddling from other corrupt officials. As time passed, good men were driven from office..... while the corrupt continued to gain office for their own family and friends to increase their power.....

Zhuge Liang, the Minister of Shu's goal, was to restore the Han Dynasty, using magic and Taoist methods to help him. He would often predict the future and baffle his enemies with his tactics..... Guan Yu was the sworn brother to Zhang Fei and Liu Bei. Called "the Peach Tree Oath", the three swore to live and die together..... A great and renowned warrior, he used a curved blade called Black Dragon, and was given a fantastic horse..... A charismatic and humble fellow, Liu Bei was very popular..... He died after attempting to avenge the deaths of Guan Yu and Zhang Fei.....

Could that have been the basis for George King's "three Adepts" and their mystical stories of adventure? Or, perhaps it always did take at least three souls to achieve anything worthwhile on the Earth?

So disappointing, though, that even in this computer age, a supposedly close disciple of the Master could not even be bothered to write about him in a clear or detailed manner.....

From: "douglas chalmers" ddchalmers@hotmail...

Date: Sun, 03 Sep 2000 14:57':21 EST


We must all give thanks to you for the help you gave our Master, H.E. Dr. George King in his latter years and for your personal efforts and dedication to the Aetherius Society. None of the information about Ascended Masters would have been available to you or to me without George King's having made it so. Given the times of "Desert Storm" and "The New World Order" (your country's creations), Operation Earthlight has turned this world around since then.

It is a disappointment that you couldn't have studied your subject material better before putting it into print. A book written by a disciple about his/her Master is expected to be a well written and important document. Have you really done justice to all of the subject matter you had to present? I think not. You have skimmed through important topics in the first part so that no-one outside of your Society would have a clue what you are talking about.

Anyone who can only afford to devote a couple of paragraphs to the Initiation of Earth and half a page each for Karma + Reincarnation obviously hasn't really understood what he is writing about. I know you've tried to set a series of events into perspective but is that really what you've got here?

You said that George King had "...devoted all of his time to the Cosmic Masters..." (p.21). This doesn't include anything about Karmalight or the Alien Mission, etc. Didn't you know that they were his main missions? Everything after them was a fortuitous add-on which we are all lucky to have.

You didn't explain Spiritual Pushes nor Prayer Power batteries at all well. Wouldn't it have been appropriate to quote from George King's books, transmissions, etc.? And you got so involved in reporting George King's telepathic messages that you didn't really properly explain Operation Earthlight anyway.

Most books written by disciples are very eloquent and knowledgable treatises on the lives and teachings of their Masters and the missions/religions that they have founded. There are plenty of good examples. Richard Lawrence is the weakest and most pathetic example you could possibly follow. The only thing worth reading in his first book was the bibliography. Knowing George King personally, you should have been able to see that for yourself.

The Cosmic Masters dropped us off "here" 18 million-odd years ago and will ship us off gladly to Planet X just as soon as the can get rid of us again (ref. "Maldek" and the asteroid belt - intro to The Nine Freedoms - blog Ed.). Don't think that any of them are new here or just recently arrived either..... Why don't you try raising Kundalini yourself and find out what a trance state is really like? Then you would know that your understanding of the Great White Brotherhood on. p.98 doesn't really do them justice.

Haven't you misquoted your/our Master? George King said "Karma is pressure". Since when did he say "...pressure towards conformity..." and what kind of conformity did you envision anyway? Monique's version? Some of your points and descriptions are very perceptive and demonstrate an excellent understanding. Its a pity they are so few and so far between. Your effort lacks the uniform standard and polish that were the hallmark of all of your/our Master's work.

George King went out of his way to explain that we don't live in "other" dimensions (like the "4th dimension") but you still seem to want to have a bet each way on p.11. Again, Karma is a "law" by which "forces" can be manipulated, not the other way around (p.28). This is not just Luke Skywalker's "the Force", you know.

You probably have as much positive potential as anyone else in the Aetherius Society and I hope that you will re-write and re-work the first part of your book at least once you have learnt what it is that you are supposed to be advocating. You obviously have the sensitivity to understand your/our Master. And he is still here, you know..... Why don't you try getting the "full aspect George King" to show you your path? Then you'll be in trouble, ha! ha!

Yours sincerely,


Tuesday, June 3, 2008

King Pigsy - or "monkey magic"???

More monkey-business.....

All that has evolved from the years of living in the presence of the Master is the "Temple of Monkey", it would seem. These strange shortcomings can only be blamed on those who are not so much seekers after Truth as sojourners in life and, as George King once said, "They merely lived through those years instead of LIVING those years". In effect, they have insulted their Master and Teacher and one wonders what their actual purpose really was.....?

“In the worlds before Monkey, primal chaos reigned. Heaven sought order, but the phoenix can fly only when it's feathers are grown..... then came a stone monkey..... The nature of Monkey was irrepressible!"

Zhu Bajie is better known to Westerners as Piggy or "Pigsy". He is one of the three assistants to the Tripitaka, the Chinese monk, Xuanzang, who in 629 AD, together with the Monkey King, QiTian Dasheng, set out with the monk as his escort and aides on his hazardous and enthralling trek to India to collect the sacred Buddhist scriptures. These were the heroes of the romance the Journey to the West..... He is also known by his name in religion, Zhu Wuneng - Seeker after Strength.

In the story, Pigsy was the former Superintendent of Navigation of the Milky Way. banished to be reincarnated on Earth for assaulting one of the daughters of the Jade Emperor. Unfortunately a mistake was made and he entered the womb of a sow and was born half-man and half-pig. He was ordained a priest by Guan Yin and is portrayed on altars and in murals as a composite deity, a human with the head of a pig. He carries a nine-toothed muck-rake as a defensive weapon which he used to good effect during the long and arduous journey escorting the pilgrim monk, Xuanzang.

Although he is usually regarded China-wide as the epitome of gluttony, in Taiwan he is also revered by prostitutes who call on his divine title Shoushou Ye, offering him incense and chants morning and evening whilst calling on him to bring them rich guests, foolish and witless, to be fleeced.....

Essentially, all that is left of the Aetherius Society in Los Angeles is a base for those who are more dedicated to their own particular pursuits whilst using the Society to give them some form of credentials and purported authority or relevance.

Chrissie Blaze and Paul Nugent - one is an astrologer and the other is more useful for taking out the garbage, uhh.

What was worse were the supposed comrades and colleagues who befriended George King and the new Aetherius Society when he arrived in California many years ago. It turned out that they wanted to use him or at least his stories for their own gain in one way or another. But those in the Society who haven't a clue what they are talking about must be the most ridiculous, and especially if they are long-standing "initiates", particularly the English members who moved to California, supposedly to serve their Master.

George King had said that the UFO flying saucer and "space contact" stories would eventually become more and more absurd and they certainly did. Perhaps he had an inkling of who would be writing some of them in the end....? Well, it can only happen in America.....

Parked near the shore of the western-most reach of Lake Mead, east of Las Vegas in the state of Nevada is VICTOR ONE, a spacecraft from an extraterrestrial culture in which the name of Commander Valiant Thor is prominent. VICTOR ONE is northwest of Hoover Dam, southeast of Nellis Air Force Base, northeast of the town of Henderson and south of the Gypsum Plant. VICTOR ONE has been in this vicinity for almost 20 years. This awesome craft is the flagship of the fleet.....

NICUFO is directed by its founder, Dr. Frank E. Stranges, "who has lectured on the subjects of UFOs, space and science phenomena throughout the world. He is considered to be a leading authority on UFOs and space phenomena..." although he has never seen a real UFO never mind ever having spoken to an intelligent alien. He has met George King, though.....

One of the most repulsive things about his hypocritically elitist ..."inner circle" made up of a "chosen few"... was the sharing of supposed personal messages from the Master Jesus and Valiant Thor with which he misled the credulous and the gullible as well as the lonely and those cast aside by the sneeringly contemptuously righteous inner circle of the Directors of the Aetherius Society. That they also continued to cultivate Dr. Stranges in direct contradiction of their Master's warnings also proves something else.....

See ..... "...the Kingdom of swine..." and Monkey Heaven and also

Sunday, June 1, 2008

Another "In Memorium" - Anita Mui

All of the world's major religions were founded in Asia - that is anywhere between Turkey and Taiwan. Christianity is no exception (W.Asia and N.E.Africa) and the people of Asia don't need screaming Europeans or Americans to tell them how it should be done........

Anita Mui, singer, actress; Queen of Hong Kong until 2003 - "Treasure those beside you" and you will live the best of your life.....

According to their Master, the Aetherius Society was founded on the specific instructions of Chinese ascended Master Saint Goo-Ling (or GuLing - yet another nom de plume) who he occasionally channelled. That doesn't give them the right to simply usurp all things Asian whilst still essentially presuming that "the Great White Brotherhood" of ascended masters is a white supremacist clique somehow existing solely for their own ridiculous benefit. Hum sup lo, uhh!

Again though, apart from what they have already been told, their initiates and Directors still seem to have no real idea WHY the Aetherius Society was ever actually founded. Sadly, that will remain forever one of the great unanswered questions of Life along with the still unknown reason as to WHY the human race was ever created, uhh. Now they will never be able to answer either as well as having failed to follow Goo-Ling's wise caution to always "Be kind to one another".

To put it yet another way, as George Kind once said, "You weren't put on this Earth to be unhappy". I'm sure Anita Mui would have agreed!!!