Tuesday, June 3, 2008

King Pigsy - or "monkey magic"???

More monkey-business.....

All that has evolved from the years of living in the presence of the Master is the "Temple of Monkey", it would seem. These strange shortcomings can only be blamed on those who are not so much seekers after Truth as sojourners in life and, as George King once said, "They merely lived through those years instead of LIVING those years". In effect, they have insulted their Master and Teacher and one wonders what their actual purpose really was.....?

“In the worlds before Monkey, primal chaos reigned. Heaven sought order, but the phoenix can fly only when it's feathers are grown..... then came a stone monkey..... The nature of Monkey was irrepressible!"

Zhu Bajie is better known to Westerners as Piggy or "Pigsy". He is one of the three assistants to the Tripitaka, the Chinese monk, Xuanzang, who in 629 AD, together with the Monkey King, QiTian Dasheng, set out with the monk as his escort and aides on his hazardous and enthralling trek to India to collect the sacred Buddhist scriptures. These were the heroes of the romance the Journey to the West..... He is also known by his name in religion, Zhu Wuneng - Seeker after Strength.

In the story, Pigsy was the former Superintendent of Navigation of the Milky Way. banished to be reincarnated on Earth for assaulting one of the daughters of the Jade Emperor. Unfortunately a mistake was made and he entered the womb of a sow and was born half-man and half-pig. He was ordained a priest by Guan Yin and is portrayed on altars and in murals as a composite deity, a human with the head of a pig. He carries a nine-toothed muck-rake as a defensive weapon which he used to good effect during the long and arduous journey escorting the pilgrim monk, Xuanzang.

Although he is usually regarded China-wide as the epitome of gluttony, in Taiwan he is also revered by prostitutes who call on his divine title Shoushou Ye, offering him incense and chants morning and evening whilst calling on him to bring them rich guests, foolish and witless, to be fleeced.....

Essentially, all that is left of the Aetherius Society in Los Angeles is a base for those who are more dedicated to their own particular pursuits whilst using the Society to give them some form of credentials and purported authority or relevance.

Chrissie Blaze and Paul Nugent - one is an astrologer and the other is more useful for taking out the garbage, uhh.

What was worse were the supposed comrades and colleagues who befriended George King and the new Aetherius Society when he arrived in California many years ago. It turned out that they wanted to use him or at least his stories for their own gain in one way or another. But those in the Society who haven't a clue what they are talking about must be the most ridiculous, and especially if they are long-standing "initiates", particularly the English members who moved to California, supposedly to serve their Master.

George King had said that the UFO flying saucer and "space contact" stories would eventually become more and more absurd and they certainly did. Perhaps he had an inkling of who would be writing some of them in the end....? Well, it can only happen in America.....

Parked near the shore of the western-most reach of Lake Mead, east of Las Vegas in the state of Nevada is VICTOR ONE, a spacecraft from an extraterrestrial culture in which the name of Commander Valiant Thor is prominent. VICTOR ONE is northwest of Hoover Dam, southeast of Nellis Air Force Base, northeast of the town of Henderson and south of the Gypsum Plant. VICTOR ONE has been in this vicinity for almost 20 years. This awesome craft is the flagship of the fleet.....

NICUFO is directed by its founder, Dr. Frank E. Stranges, "who has lectured on the subjects of UFOs, space and science phenomena throughout the world. He is considered to be a leading authority on UFOs and space phenomena..." although he has never seen a real UFO never mind ever having spoken to an intelligent alien. He has met George King, though..... http://nicufo.org/books.htm

One of the most repulsive things about his hypocritically elitist ..."inner circle" made up of a "chosen few"... was the sharing of supposed personal messages from the Master Jesus and Valiant Thor with which he misled the credulous and the gullible as well as the lonely and those cast aside by the sneeringly contemptuously righteous inner circle of the Directors of the Aetherius Society. That they also continued to cultivate Dr. Stranges in direct contradiction of their Master's warnings also proves something else.....

See ..... "...the Kingdom of swine..." and Monkey Heaven and also http://www.greatsage.net/

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