Saturday, June 7, 2008

Lessons to be Learned..... "Nothing Sweet About Me"!

Can't imagine why an organization that supposedly represents Truth and exists to propagate their Master's teachings would want to suppress a short passage quoted from one of his books on a news/politics blog comment but that is exactly what happened last year.

A comment on the website, also based in California, was deleted within hours apparently solely for that reason. The passage quoted was from the Nine Freedoms by George King from the chapter about Bravery and very appropriate in this age of illusory terror and Machiavellian state-sponsored hypocrisy.

It would sadly seem that ownership of copyright (and the Aetherius Press publishers) is now more important to the Society than their task of the dissemination of their Master's works. Profit and self-righteous exclusivity at work again despite the urgency for Truth in this age!

Then again, I wonder why the blog publishers were bending over backwards about a passage from a book that was already 46 years old? Hardly relevant to copyright restrictions and the editor who is also a professor of journalism at a university in California should have known better.....

Yet the Aetherius Society has had a problem for some time with its 'elephant in the living room' in regard to its teachings. Its founder had his own spiritual work and setting up a church was secondary. He was also far more advanced in his own mysticism than most of his pupils in the Society could ever contemplate catching up with.

The Society was intended to be for advanced metaphysical students who had already studied and searched for Truth and had acquired both a theoretical and practical grounding for themselves in Buddha's teachings, Hinduism, Daoism, etc etc, over a number of years. It was meant to be a vehicle for Service for those already on the Path, not a training ground for novices and certainly not merely an introduction to Eastern religion through puerile concepts of an Aquarian Age.

The problem was that it attracted attention from every kind of flying saucer enthusiast and New Age drifter in the 1950's - 60's. They didn't last long but their presence did enough damage early on to cause other more serious seekers to perhaps avoid what was a valuable path. Sadly, the Society still has that problem with its present bone-headed temple degree initiates and egotistical directors behaving merely as useless hangers' on.

Thus the Society has not yet been established well as a church as the mainly Anglo-Saxon congregation had little cultural perception of what real religion is really all about except in abstract. In Britain, the South Asian members were long kept in a kind of Cinderella existence and the migration of parasitic sun-seeking white Anglo members to California also adversely affected the development in America.

Likewise for Australia which has been its own white Anglo racist hell-hole in the South Pacific for long enough. As for Christianity, although some of their Master's channellings were attributed to the Master Jesus and he was brought up in a Christian family, that never made the Society Christian in any orthodox sense. Worse with the Western concept once the Sun-worshipping Pagans were overwhelmed by the contemporary materialistic Christians. Only the Eastern Orthodox churches have any understanding of Christianity as a religion which flows from Asia and Africa and Lebanon and Palestine in particular.

As it is, the Society and their Master's teachings languish sadly unappreciated and little understood awaiting some time in the future when different ethnicities will be able to more freely embrace and realize the full value of what has been left for those who come after. As the founder diligently studied and practiced Yoga and Buddhism for many years to gain his powers, a significant Asian following is the natural consequence in the future even if the church eventually has to be re-founded elsewhere on the other side of the Pacific.

The fact that George King was English is of little significance and never really was. An African-American membership has been stunted deliberately by racism in the Society in America although an African branch of the church exists in Nigeria. They have their own problems in Africa, though, in contending with the pervasive social influences of tribal princes, the military and Christian-Islamic conflicts.

The current Anglo-Christian membership base actually does little for the Society's teachings and it will not be until they have passed away that the real potential of the Aetherius Society as a service and healing organization will ever be realized. They do not have the depth of understanding necessary and many have already obstructed the Society's development as relatively useless kinds of dogs in the manger for long enough!


Anonymous said...

The Aetherius Society will never progress because it's crap.

Anonymous said...

I also heard a voice the other night. It said "Turn the TV down and come to bed" Crap ... is right. Science fiction ... you bet.