Sunday, June 1, 2008

Another "In Memorium" - Anita Mui

All of the world's major religions were founded in Asia - that is anywhere between Turkey and Taiwan. Christianity is no exception (W.Asia and N.E.Africa) and the people of Asia don't need screaming Europeans or Americans to tell them how it should be done........

Anita Mui, singer, actress; Queen of Hong Kong until 2003 - "Treasure those beside you" and you will live the best of your life.....

According to their Master, the Aetherius Society was founded on the specific instructions of Chinese ascended Master Saint Goo-Ling (or GuLing - yet another nom de plume) who he occasionally channelled. That doesn't give them the right to simply usurp all things Asian whilst still essentially presuming that "the Great White Brotherhood" of ascended masters is a white supremacist clique somehow existing solely for their own ridiculous benefit. Hum sup lo, uhh!

Again though, apart from what they have already been told, their initiates and Directors still seem to have no real idea WHY the Aetherius Society was ever actually founded. Sadly, that will remain forever one of the great unanswered questions of Life along with the still unknown reason as to WHY the human race was ever created, uhh. Now they will never be able to answer either as well as having failed to follow Goo-Ling's wise caution to always "Be kind to one another".

To put it yet another way, as George Kind once said, "You weren't put on this Earth to be unhappy". I'm sure Anita Mui would have agreed!!!

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